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Dr Miracle

Ill b ordering Xian this weekend!

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Screw it... it looks good, sounds good, people say it´s good, + TCM (Tradition Chinese Medicine) Is good.. can´t go wrong either way...!

Even if it doesn´t work for acne, it´ll work for my health... only $30... Let´s try it... this could really be the closest thing to a cure ever found... no harsh BP to deal with every day TWICE!

It could very well be the 100% acne free treatment when combined with the regimen.. the extra push the regimen needs! :)/

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Which will you buy? Let me know if you get as overwhelmed as I did with all the different brands.

Let us know what you find to be the best...

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can you let us all know when you've decided what XIAN product you're going to buy? there are so many i'd like to have some idea what brand others are going with...


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Okay, I feel REALLY dumb, THANKS for clarifying. I get confused over all these new fangled products. DISREGARD my second posting of telling me what "brand" to use. I didn't see my first post go up so I entered again BEFORE see ing your response.


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Guest fatman_uk

Dude you're soundin more an more like a goddam advertisement!!!

''Get it while it lasts!''

''ONLY $30!''

''No TWICE a day BP.'' (Yet you forget to mention that Murat take TWENTY pills, TWICE a day. Sheesh, i know what i'd rather do.)


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LOL... fatman u funny man... I guess that´s what happens with an uncurable disease.... I have light acne, so I´m sure it´ll cure me up, but it can really be great for some people with severe acne... Trust me I´m no singaporean [-X

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The xian page seems to suggest 16 pills a day for people with severe acne.

Sixteen pills. That's a whole lot of pills.

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PLUS murat don´t take no 20 pills, he just typed it wrong


how many times do i have to tell you that i take 20 pilss twice daily the first week? ye i take 20 of this small pills at morning and at evening on empty stomach! And it works great, yes great!!!!!!!!!!

For all this people who say im an Ad or something, wait, wait you will get the pics!

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For all those giving people trying XIAN heck about falling into the hype, I have this to say...

If I'm an adult spending my own money on something I want, whether proven or not, it's my own problem if it doesn't really work. Consider me another victim to this great capitalistic concept called marketing... I have no problem with that.

If it works, I'll let you guys know and save you the $ and time. If it does, than I gain along with the marketers.

What's the problem? What if people had the same attitude about BP or Accutane (which hardly anyone can deny is effective)?

CHILL OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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