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My Story - PLS HELP

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ive been suffering with acne for about 3 years now but only in the last two years have it played such a big part in my life. i first went to the docs in october 2001 and he gave me tetra something which i was on for 6 months then he puts me on erythromycin for 3 months. They didnt work so i was put on retin a lotion while i waited for a derm appointment. The retin a worked ok and cleared out alot of stuff from my skin. Then the derm put me on differin gel 0.1 a bha cleanser and dalacin t antibiotic solution. After using that combination for way too long i ditched the dalacin and just used the diff and cleanser and added olive oil to my regimen for blackheads (this really helped i think). But my skin would be so unbareably dry however i knew differin was helping because i didnt get any whiteheads but got clogged pores and blackheads. So i thought maybe thats cos my skin was so dry and that it was producing more oil so then i tried dans regimen which was a disaster. Oxy on the spot is soooo greasy. After that i did nothing i used my cleanser and just spot treated with BP and although my skin appeared better lookin my pores started to clog etc and was breaking out on the chin where i never used to get outbreaks. That was about 2 weeks ago so now i am back on differin which is getting crap out my pores again that has accumilated while i was on BP and doing nothing and will continue with it until i find somethin else to use? Do any of you guys have any suggestions? SHould i go and get retin A in a gel form seeing as the lotion was about the best thing ive used?

What i have used so far - quinoderm, tetracycline, erythrmocin, clearisil pads, clearasil complete, oxy face wash, oxy on the spot, retin a lotion, acnisal, differin, dalacin t.

Type of acne - main problem is blackheads and clogged pores, occasional whitehead plus im a compulsive picker which makes things a million times worse.

Any help will be much appreciated.

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do you think all these harsh topicals are drying out your skin and stimulating more sebum producion not less???

advice from little old me:

- stop touching your face!!!!!!!!!!!! you'll be amazed how this helps

- if not already start using a decent moisturiser - if you go back to differen or retin a it should contain a sunscreen

- go without your current topicals for a week and see if your skin condition improves or worsens.

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Oh, differin really works does it?

I have a nice fat tube of it sitting on the shelf in my bathroom ,but i am currently using dans regime (with mixed results) maybe i'll try the differin for a while.

I've only been on dans regime for a week though. :-k

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