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Has ERYTHROMYCIN worked for anyone here.

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nope. i was on 2 doses of 500mg a day for 3 weeks, along with benzamycin (topical) and my skin just got worse. antibiotics generally aren't an effective way to treat acne, because it usually reappears once you stop taking them.

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wow, i use it topically and it has worked very well without overdrying my skin. I originally used a brand from spain(for 8 months),i ran out recently so i'm using one from the states. not as wonderful but still results are grand.


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I've been taking it orally for over 6 months now, but i think it reduced the amount of spots i got every day, from 8 to about 5 :evil: .

Honestly it's not that effective on it's own, you'll need to take somethin with it or use a topical treatment.

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i was on it from february until about 2 weeks ago and it reduced my acne from a consistent 6 cystic and multiple normal type acne at anyone time to about 3-4 small spots and 1 cyctic every 6 weeks..

worked very well, but the last 6 weeks i would say i was beginning to get more acne - but not sure if that is related to the summer heat - have switched to some weird 3rd line anti-biotic as an interim until i have my next derm appointment

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oh I forgot - it gave me pretty consistent mouth ulcers the whole time - which have stopped now i'm off it - that and it upset my stomache really badly if i didnt take probiotics everyday

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i'm on it topically.. and i like it a lot but then again i think its something else with erythromycin in it!! but anyway its called Staticin(the name brand) anyway there werent any side effects except ones i put too much on and then my face started peeling bad!!

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