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I was wondering what are some products you guys would reccommend for my acne,they keep disappearing but then coming back at the same places. is neutrogena,clearisal,etc..any good?

also what are some lotions/treatments that'll help your skin tone lighter?

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I recommend Neutrogena Products...pore refining cleanser, transparent clear soap bar and for red marks use their multi-vitamin acne treatment. Also, st.ives apricot scrub is good. For big cyst use queen helene mint jelup on the zit. good luck

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Cleansers :

- Cetaphil Gentle cleanser – this is gentle but it can leave a film on the skin if u do not rinse really good , if this happened (sp?) stop using it. (I use it in the mornings and I like it) (10 cdn for a huge bottle)

- Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser – this cleanses really good, no residue behind but it can be drying. (7$ cdn)

- Alpha Hydrox Moisturizing Cleanser – thins washes good, no residue and it is less drying then Neutrogena FFC, great stuff IMO. 98-9 cdn )

- Topix Ultra Gentle Cleanser – this is great, gentle (it’s made for people that are on retin a or has laser resurfacing) . ( 9$ but only online)

Moisturizers :

- Jason 98% Aloe Vera Gel - this stuff was great for me, it gives me enough moisture but no pimples and it’s cheap and natural, helps heal the wounds and red spots from previous pimples.

Treatments :

- Alpha Hydrox Oil Free Formula – this was great for me , it healed my acne in weeks.

- Neutrogena Night Clear Por Gel – if seems to work for me, it has 2% salicylic acid but I keep reading that the ph is too high or the ph it’s right, well , it worked ok, it’s cheap (10$) so I am still using it.

Masks :

- Green Clay – I get half a kg. of natural green clay and I use it once a week in combination with water, aloe vera gel, honey , tea tree oil etc. I have tried a lot of clay masks but all irritated my skin a lot (Queen Helene MJM burned me , I had a burn wound for a week !!!) like this I eliminate the preservatives and other unnecessary oils and irritants that the manufacturer uses in these masks.

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