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if your on the regimen read this! it will help you

i just wanted to post my experience with this wonderful regimen quickly. here's what i do:


shower, wash face with cetaphil gentle skin cleanser (works like a charm it is so soft, and gets rids of all the dirt/flaking/etc... which is all you need a cleanser to do)

wait 10-15min, apply BP

wait 10-15min, apply Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer with SPF 15


wash face with cetaphil gentle skin cleanser

wait 10-15min, apply Retin-A Micro 0.1% Gel

Ok, and here's what I have found. After a month of using the BP, i am currently up to 1 fingers worth, my skin is starting to get softer and it's not at harsh as it was when i first started the regimen and it is still clearing up! :-/ , so please take your time when upping your dosage of the BP, b/c that's all it takes is time! :)

Also, I have found that moisturizer doesn't go so well over the Retin-A, and sometimes the Retin-A has a hard time getting absorbed, not sure why this is happening though. But my face is clearing up thanks to this regimen inspired by Dan.

I'm thinking of going with the Eucerin Renewal Alpha Hydroxy Moisturizer soon so maybe i can even apply more BP and less dryness. Also after about a month of this regimen i'm about all out of my first tube of the Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment, I would have probably been out of two if I applied this both morning and night, but i do the RA at night.

Well, hope this helped someone. GL =P~

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Wow, sounds great.

Which Cetaphil are you using, out of curiosity? The bar or the liquid? I'm thinking of switching over from the Purpose bar.

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yup the liquid one, it works great. i moved from the purpose bar after about 2 weeks, i only stayed on it that long because i thought the dryness might go away, but it didn't... after a few days on the cetaphil my skin was already feeling softer, and the BP was aborbing better too =D>

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FYI...Walmart makes a great liquid Cetaphil under their generic name "Equate". The ingredients are exactly the same and listed in the same order on the bottle. It costs about half as much as the brand name product. I absolutely swear by it! :)

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