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Newcastlegirl's update - long time since posted!

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I thought I would bring you all up-to-date on my acne progress. It has been a while since I posted...

For the new people on the board, I started my battle years ago with acne, although it seemed to get worse last summer. I am now 24, female, very fair skin, oily, and sensitive. I tried the entire BP routine and while it got rid of the whiteheads which plagued me on cheeks and jawline, it created red marks. Went to several derms over the years, even last fall, to no avail. Tried everything except Accutane, which I am still glad I did not. Went to Bastyr Clinic, huge naturopathic in Seattle, and it was the only place where I got read help. Tried a special homeopathic pill, one time, and experienced the hugest breakout last October. Then everything started clearing.

Today I still have an occasional breakout, like one small one, which I immediately put topical niacinimide cream or honey on, and it brings the cystic or start of a pimple either to a head or it gets it to go away. I take all the vites and minerals they prescribed, and I am very happy. My oiliness has decreased since December. I use only Avalon Botanical liquid cleanser to wash face with.

Hope you all get help and try the natural way first, from the inside out, before you get into Accutane. I know how bad acne makes one feel, believe me, and I still do, but my skin is 90% improved. Red marks are slowly fading, but it takes time.

Love, Karen aka Newcastlegirl

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You know, my skin has improved 80%, even the red marks pretty much gone in 7 months, still a little scarring, but here is my question. I get one cystic or large pimple in different spots now - cheek, right forehead, and I get rid of one (with niacinimide cream on it) and then another will come up. No big breakout at all anymore, just one in a different spot!!!!!1

Does anybody else have this problem? I know it is not related to my monthly cycle, as it happens all month. Maybe it is God teaching me to be humble about my acne improvement and to remind me of what it is like to have it. May be my thorn in the flesh.



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Newcastlegirl, I have the same problem :evil: I keep looking for the cure that will give me totally clear skin but it eludes me. Accutane pretty much cleared me for 2 years, now I get the odd big one/cyst every now and then that leaves very dark blemishes which take forever to go away.

I have no solution, just wanted to commiserate

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