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Medicated wash?

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Im getting ready to start that proactiv knockoff, klear action, cuz proactiv worked for my friend but its twice as much as klear action, and they have the same stuff...but my question is...when i start using it, and get my acne a lot better, can i then use a medicated wash (like oxy 10 balance, which is a wash with 10% bp). i mean like after most of my acne has cleared up and i finished using the klear action can i use that so that its one quick cheap step to keep the acne where it is?

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The only thing you can really do is experiment. Once your acne clears up (hopefully) then you can try the medicated wash for a few days, if you get an outbreak or some spots forming just stick to the original treatment.

We can't really comment on this because it's different for different people. :evil:$

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If you keep switching products on your skin, it will get pissed off. I tried proactiv and I was not impressed at all. It worked a little bit for a little while, but overall I think it sucks, but that's just my opinion. I would say don't waste your money. You can find what really works right here on this website and you can get everything at the drugstore.Stop makingyou skin readjust and readjust. Start The Regimen and stick to it. Once you face has adjusted to it, you will have clear skin, but you still have to stick with it. It's called prevention and that's the only way to battle pimples. You can't just wait for them to show up and then worry about it. It just doesn't work that way. And, I would not use a wash with 10% BP. That is going to irritate your skin so badly. It's way too harsh! If you are still set on purchasing that proactiv knockoff, good luck. I hope it works for you. [-o<

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