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Fiona's New Log

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Hi all,

It's been a while but I'm back. The support of this community is excellent.

I'm back with a new regimen.

It's been a tough couple of months. Although I thought bp was going to be my miracle cure, I think there are hormonal issues that still need to be delt with. (DISCLAIMER: I don't want to bash Dan's regimen- it has been miraculous for some and is well worth a try! It just isn't woking for me.) I was on bp for about 6 months. I had a tough start and then I had a couple of relatively clear weeks. But in the past few months my face/acne has really changed. Although I am not getting big cyst type pimples as frequently, I have a rash of small pimples all over my face. I used to have relatively clear cheeks and forehead- but now they are a mess of small pimples and red marks. I had great faith in bp and it has worked in small ways for me and for short periods but I just think I need to explore other options.

So today I went to see my docotor/ derm. He prescribed me with Erythro (500mgX2), Aldactone (spironolactone) 100mg and Cleocyn T topical.

We've put off trying for a baby for about 6-8 months (career decision) so I feel I have a good period of time to give these drugs a chance.

I am praying these work! I am so tired of dealing with the art of covering up my face so that I can appear attractive and professional. I know you all get that.

I start the meds today- I'll report back in the next week. :)

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Hi there- okay it's only been 5 days, but I thought I would give an inital report.

The face has had mild improvement- nothing dramatic, but better rather than worse. I also think my nose pores are smaller (could be an illusion!)

Also, no side effects- suspected stomach upset but haven;t had any. Also, my husband was a little concerned about libido on the spiro- but no problems there either :)

Okay- more soon. So far so good.

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thanks Animal!

OKay- 2 weeks now on spiro, erythro, clindamycin. So far so good. i don't have anything super miraculous to report, but I think I am seeing slow, steady improvement. A lot of the small, bumpy pimples on my cheeks and forehead are drying up and clearing, my nose pores definately seem smaller, and I haven't gotten any new big zits. So I give this new regimen a cautious YAY!

I'm still washing with Johnson's Baby soap and using Nivea oil free moist. I've added 3% hydrogen peroxide as a toner at night- just another anti-bacterial. I'm also experimenting with a new make-up- watching really closely for adverse effects! I've been using Mary Kay and the experimental make-up is Almay Amazing Lasting make-up. It sure does last! I just hope it doesn't last in my pores!

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Hi Fiona

How is it going?

Just thought I would mention that Paula Begouin (cosmetics cop) used to recommend hydrogen peroxide but doesn't any longer. She has some chemical reason about an unstable hydrogen or oxygen particle causing free radical damage. Could be crap but you might want to read her explnation for yourself.



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