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Vitamin C

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Vit C can help with collagen - but you are going over the top with the dose - 2-4 grams should be sufficient.

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doses over 1,5g - 2g are considered an overdose and may cause diarrhea, sickness and mess up some of your organs (sry cant explain further, i have no dictionary)... furthermore if you keep taking an overdose your body will get used to it and you will get serious abstinens-symptoms when you stop taking it.

note that the human body does never contain more than 1,5 grams of vit-c

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If you eat lots of fruit and veg you shouldn't need any supplements. Taking too many vitamins has been proven to potentially cause permanent damage.

People should limit their vitamin C intake until we know more," he said. "Everyone agrees that after 80 to 90 milligrams, about the recommended daily allowance, it goes out of your body since measurements show that white blood cells are saturated completely after this dose. You'd think that if it goes out of your body it isn't harmful, but maybe the high transient levels do react in a negative way. There's no benefit to taking more than the RDA, and it could actually harm you.


If you run a google search like this


you will find a lot of stuff on why taking too much vit C is bad

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Guest niko

I was taking 2grams a day, but after reading this I think 1 gram a day is plenty.

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