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Supplementing multivitamins with other vitamins

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I was reading this website.


Then I started looking at multivitamins and their ingredients don't match up with the recommended acne-fighting dosages from the above website.

Is it advisable to supplement multivitamins with more vitamin B bought separately etc?

BTW, their recommended dosages look excessive, what do you all think? I mean, the website recommends taking 100 mg Vitamin B (any of them) 3 times daily....but on the multivitamin bottle, it lists 25 mg as 1000% daily value!!!!

So taking 300 mg would mean...friggin 12000% daily value.

What is up?? Will we get killed?

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When you take vitamins or multivitamins look for the percent value...you don't need anything above 100% because you body can't absorb all that shit so the rest just goes to waste and ends up being flushed when you urinate.

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Then how does one explain the Vitamin B5 thread here? WAY more than 100%

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Vitamin B5 is water soluable so no matter how much you take, you'll have to pee it out sooner or later. If you see your pee a dark yellow or any yellow in it that means the extra vitamins made it that color and your body couldn't intake that much. If you pee clear thrn that means your body has intaked all the vitamins necessary. If overdosing on any vitamins 8-12 glasses of water is really recomended. I just started to drink 10 glasses of water and now im urinating crystal clear.

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i try not to take multivitamins anymore because when i took centrum i broke out terribly.. the iodine is my guess.. i might start taking them again but only half a tablet.. and your body can absorb well over 100% of the rdi.. well over..

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I take the Flinstone type ones where it's chewable. Mine is by Forever Living but it says on the bottle for adults too. I love chewable vitamins.

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