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This is my first post although I have been an avid reader of message boards for 2 months. I'm kind of shy about this but I thought some people deserve some thanks, Dan for this site and his regimen, Jessica for sharing her brush exfoliation technique and all members who have posted that helped encourage me along the way.

I commited to Dan's regimen in September after trying everything and spending a fortune. 48 hours never went by without a new blemish and July I looked like the poor victim of some ancient Egyptian boil plague. Some of my zits were the size of dimes. I'm sorry I have no pics because it devastated me so. So one month into regimen,

am and pm Cetaphil cleanser, EO (Everyday Face) #4 Advanced Serum antioxidant blend (found in whole foods store - Vitamins A, C and E, antibacterial, non comedogenic, lavender and lemon), Dan's BP gel, cetaphil moisturizer, spot treatment with prescription Benzaclin and every 3 days Queen Helene's mint mask,

I was almost clear. Then I added Jessica's oral b toothbrush exfoliation with my cetaphil cleanser in am and pm and neosporin once a day instead of EO every other week. I was clear within 1 week and have remained so for 4 solid weeks although I like many of you are waiting for red marks to fade. Some are still left from JULY!!! But no zits!!! I am so excited and I'll answer questions once I figure out how. Acne.org was really there for me when I felt so miserable and didn't want to leave my house. Now that I got up the nerve to post I'll try to stay active doing so.

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