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My scar treatment lesson! Must Read

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I'm here to share my experience. Well I'm someone who had been servely scarred by acne during my teens. Now my face is filled with thousands of ice pick scar and a few of others boxscar. I done CO2 during my late teens and a few soft touch laser which is of no actual use. But this year I had approached a dermatology who had many years in skin specialisation and and done many CO2 laser before, She is I believed the top 2 best derm in this field in my country. She suggested me taking some mild acid peel lotion, 2 subscsion and a CO2 laser again( which she said the CO2 will help to smoothing the edge of the scar than removing it in layers resulting in better improvements). Before I apporached her I read the forum and heard alot of what procedure should be done would be more effective and how subscsion and laser will never help my problems. And as I approach her after hearing what she has to say. I thought to myself that, don't expect much at the end. But after my first treatment, I realised my overall had improved drastically. Probably due to the fact that she is experienced enough to pick the correct scar to subscised on picking on the hard scars from the soft scars. With the combination of AHA acid lotion, the reminding soft icepick scars are smaller and clearer. The subcised large scars make the over all texture to be more levelled. Which makes a drastic improvement. Now I have more confident on myself and can't wait for the 2nd treatment to subcised further on the same scars to level them up. Once again I have hope to expect better acceptable results after the new CO2 laser treatment.

The moral of this story is that the same procedure may often be much better result in an experieced hands. Choose the correct derm is very important despite I have to pay double of which the usual has to offer.

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