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Alright well first off, I've been on the regimine for 5 weeks now. After about one week I looked great, a few red spots but I was actually clear. Around week 2 I had a crazy breakout, much worse then I normally get. Ever since then my face has consistently had 7 or 8 active pimples with numerous red spots from healed ones. So essentially since starting the regimine my face has not gotten better but remained the same if not worse.

Now I have been following it exactly as said (Cetaphil wash, cvs bp 2.5%, cetaphil moisturizer, 2x a day). The only difference is I may not get the first treatment in until noon and the second one around 1am (I'm in college). Not sure if that makes a difference but I really am confused as to why it isn't working for me. The only reason I'm concerned 5 weeks into it is because my acne is by no means bad and I had been using bp application similar to the regimen for a good while. Thanks if anyone can help out.

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Thanks for the reply, yeah I would say my acne is a little worse than yours but your story makes it a little more hopeful for me. What I noticed however, was that problems area like my forehead and nose have cleared up almost completely. But my beard which is by far my worst area (ingrown hairs) continues to have problems. I've been shaving with a single blade and aveeno sensitive skin shaving creme on a daily basis (letting it grown out only irritates my skin when i shave). So maybe if someone could give me some pointers in that department I can reduce a couple more of these pimples. Thanks again.

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I'm on week 8 and am finally starting to clear up. Before now though I followed pretty much exactly what you've described. My acne got worse than it ever was during my bad breakouts at the beginning of the Regimen. Some of the areas that had always been bad for me cleared up early and were great while areas that weren't normally so bad for me turned into a mess. I in part suspect it was because I had already been treating the bad areas with 10% BP at night before the Regimen and got a jump start on them.

I'm actually a little frightened right now because my skin is unusualy clear and I'm worried it could break out at any minute :shock: As far as ingrown hairs, I don't have too much advice to offer there. I used to get ingrown hairs on my face when I used an electric razor and or when I shaved against the grain but I don't have much of a problem anymore other than the occasional one. Right now I lather real heavy with the Purpose bar and shave only going down and I have been alright.

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