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needling uk

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Has anyone in the UK had needling done, as most people I've read of having this treatment seem to be in the US? Could anyone tell me of somewhere in the Sheffield kinda area, or in the North of England or Midlands where I could have it done? I've heard you can just go to a tattoo artist, but would they have heard of it or know how to do it properly? I am megga scared of messing up my face further.

I've got a lot of kinda scared pores and a couple of boxscars, they're not terrible but they annoy me. Has anyone had good results with these kinda scars with needling?

Also, how much does needling tend to cost?

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I floss,i live in castleford and i went to a local tattoo artist to have a scar needled on my back,2 weeks have passed since i had the scar needled but nothing as happend to it,its still depressed.

Im doin self needling with a 30g diabetic needle (mum is a diabetic,she uses these needles) and i have seen about 30% improvement on some of my scars,in the last 2 weeks...this is when i first started self needling.

I can't believe the improvement im getting...it's unbelieavable and only in a short time,i think u are better off doing self needling yourself with a 30g diabetic needle...don't let the tattooist do it yet.

When i do the needling i put some triple action antibiotic cream on the needled areas for a few days,as the needling can bruise your face and go red.

If u try self needling it as to be quiet so as for u to here the slight pop of the skin when the needle goes in...this is the scar tissue breaking up,once u here the pot thats it,pull the needle out and do another scar,and so on.

Go to this link http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=67606 and read gumby's post,i did and its working for me.

PM me for any help.


Im trying to get some pics put on this board so ppl can see the results,but i haven't got a digital camera.

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Thanks for the advice. Where would i get such a needle, as i don't know a diabetic? Where did you get the antibiotic cream from? Also, do you actually inject anything into the skin or just stick the needle in? Did you only stab it in once for each scar, or lots of times to cover all of it? I am pretty scared of this procedure, but from what i've read it sounds like there can be good results. How much did the tattoo artist charge you, and was it easy to get him to do what you wanted, i'm afraid they might just think i'm crazy!

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You can by the 30g needles off ebay.

I bought the antibiotic cream from www.tcapeels.com when i bought the 100% tca acid.

You don't inject anything into the scar,just stick the needle into the scar.

Depending on the size of the scar,u just prick it all over that size of the scar,but u have to listen to a popping sound of the skin as the needle punctures the skin...this is the scar tissue breaking up,then take the needle out and pick the scar again if it is a big scar,and so on.

The tattoo artist did the scar,which was the size of a thunb nail, free of charge.

I took some info with me about needling that i'd printed of the net and he said come back in a week when i have read about it,so i went back and he needled my scar for me.

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The tattoo artist sounds nice! Sounds like it could be cheaper goin to a tattoo artist than doing it myself! It's odd that the tattoo gun worked less well for you than just a single needle though, i'd have thought it would be the opposite?

Did you put any stuff on afterwards? Did your skin swell up for long? Do you think it's ok to put on make-up after to hide the redness etc?

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I put the triple antibiotic cream on for a few days after i needled.

The swelling is hardly noticable after the needling as i can hardly tell if it swells.

I do the needling at night so in the morning it is ok and i can put makup on,and im a male.

If u needle yourself it will make your scars worse the next day,but only for a day.

Im going to medowhall soon,so if u want,i can meet up with u and give u about ten of these needle?

PM me to let me know?

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That's very kind of you, let me know when you're thinking of going and i'll see if i can make it that day - if not, i guess i'll buy off ebay. By the way, why would i need about 10 of such needles, do you need to use a new one each time you needle yourself? I guess this would save having to sterilise them?

Are you still having good results?

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By the way, i've just been reading that really long thread by Maya with 62 pages, i read about 20 pages. The main thing i learnt is that you should definitely apply copper peptides serum every day after needling as this helps skin grow back normally. Are you using it? I'm just trying to figure out where to buy it from...

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You should use a new needle every time u do your face,and these are already sterilized needles.

No i don't use copper peptides,as it is better to let your skin heal it self,than force it to heal.

If u read all that tread it will tell u not to use the copper peptides.

Yes,im getting good results.

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You should also be taking colostrum,this is what gumby took when he self needled.

Do a google search and read about it.

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