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I just dont get it...I'm healthier but...

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My scars and/or redmarks are NOT even fading. And I'm getting MORE acne. I dont get it. I exercise 2 hours everyday, I eat a lot healthier then before, and Im just drinking water. I use the tape method too. What am I do wrong?

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Thats not even related to acne.

Try smoothbeam

its been 9 days and my redness is almost all gone

i keep looking int he mirror waiting for it to go worse again, its still to good to be true.

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I was the healthiest teenager ever, i cut down on my diet, and i controlled all my acne causes but i still had pimples like 80% less wheni cut down ont he food that aggravated them

then i worked out and played soccer/ran 3 hours a day

for 6 years

and i still do

nothing worked except smoothbeam.

So screw it all.

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I'm really interested, what were your scars like, and is it still lookin' good? i read your posts on other threads, it sounds like you've had success! But were your scars shallow? indented? This treatment sounds pretty good..


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Correct me if i am wrong hello50 but you said in another post that your improvement on your scarring is at 10% and the swelling has not even gone down yet. Coupled with the fact that you are getting acne and rough skin. Now this doesn't sound like complete success to me. However you do state that your redness has improved 90% which is good.

I think it is a well known fact that people who are healthier get less acne than those who have poor diets and get little exercise. Everyone is different of course but like always you have to look at the bigger picture and not get clouded by one's personal experience.

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Check the date on the posts

ive gotten like 30% now,

no more swelling.

Picture this

i get acne

it disappear in two days and goes somewhere

it heals incredibly fast

i think its the smooth beam,

and their small pimples.

My face is real soft, all those bumps went away.

Ive been update for 10 days i guess i havent made my self clear.

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Laura my shallow sahllow scars are all gone

my shallow scars

are almost gone.

my Deep scars which are like .3mm are like .2mm

which are just two.

I keep thinking i am hallincuating

but everyone is like omg your face..

But the thing is only my family notices

no one else paid attention to my face


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