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Anyone know when my skin will adjust to the bp and stop being red?

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I've said before that I used 10% bp in place of 2.5%, but still followed the regimen (of course with not as much bp because that would just be overkill, but I did use a very hefty amount of 10%...more than is recommended.

Anyways that means my face is used to some kind of bp, and not to mention it was a 10% and a lot more 10% than should be used. My face got red from the 10%, really red. Now that I use the 2.5% gel, my face is still red (I just kind of used 3/4 of my finger since I was used to bp already), not as red, but still red. I want to know when it will get totally used to 2.5%.

It's been almost a week and only slight improvement. I know a short time to be asking, but since I'm used to 10% in high doses I figure it shouldn't take as long as it does for others...

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it doesnt matter u're skin is used to bp, its still irritates, and believe me, when i first tried the regime my face looked orange! worst thing is that i was gonna meet a friend that week so, well, it was really craky but u know, make-up is a miracle

use less, apply moisturizer, and do not rub too hard =)

u'll be okay

btw if its WAY TOO RED, then stop using it

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when i started the regime i used salicylic acid in combination which was the worst idea ever as my face was also orange and flaking and it burned to put moisturizer on, BUT it got my face used to the bp faster, and cud use a full finger by 2 weeks. if i were you id lower it down to half a finger until the second week is over, then 3/4 of a finger for a week after that, then the full finger for the rest of the way.

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My daughter is have the same problem. She is on Clindoxyl Gel (BP & Clindamicyn). Lately she has been putting the cream on twice a day, but only leaving it on for 1 hour, each time. It isn't burning anymore. She was getting to the point that her face looked sunburn in random areas. She would wake up and it looked as though she had been slapped in spots. The redness usually cleared up by night.

Any other suggestions she could try?

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