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dead dry!!

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i seirously need help!! anybody that can help me, i will be sooo grateful, my face is soooo dry, it's like literally cracking!! i'm using the proactiv products, renewing cleanser, toner and repairing lotion, as well as the moisteriser, this morning i woke up, and my face started to flake and peel, it's scary!! T-T help!! i dogged my girlfriend today just becoz of this............i feel so bad!! >,<

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and i must think u have acne?

or only cracked face?

yes use moisturizer and dont touch it that much =)

dont worry, u'll be okay

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:wacko: hmm.. thnx people!! i think i'll use warm water and a cloth to rub it first, then, rest for 2 days, after that, i'll use less bp, does that sound right?
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Anyone who dabbles in BP needs to have a good oil-free moisturizer always on hand! I like Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture for Sensitive Skin, which is a lotion. You may want to even find a cream (in a jar) if you are reacting this badly...

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DO NOT use the wash cloth, your just going to irritate it even more.. just go easy on the bp and moisturize good and drink plenty of water and you will be fine, maybe dont put the BP when your going to bed, and use a gentle cleanser like cetaphil, not a wash.

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don't use proactives products, juz use thier bp lotion. get a dove soap bar, or if u prefer.....get a dove cleanser, use either 1 of them.

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