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Guest james11

Heightened awareness

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Guest james11

I believe that acne sufferers are far more aware of the presence of acne. It probably applies to alot of things really.

I mean obviously everyone can see that you have acne if they look at your face, but i think that it isn't the focal point of thier glances.

A few years ago (pre acne) i was staying at our beach house and an aquaintance from back home was staying there too. I spent a bit of time with him because we were both just 18 and went to the pub a bit and the beach etc.. Anyway, i remember him saying that his skin really bothered him, but that it was alot better than it used to be. I was into moisturising and getting facials at the time so i was aware of skin care, but obviously not acne as yet.

Up until a week ago i figured that he was not really that efeected by acne in a physical sense because i couldn't remember him having anything on his face. I saw him the other day and noticed that he has quite red skin, alot of blue dots left behind but no active stuff. It made me realise that we only notice these things because we're so hyper-sensitive to the issue.

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you kno whats funny, our team bleached our hair for the playoffs...big no no if u have red marks on ur face, i mean liek all over your chin :P, I would look sooo damn good if I was clear......but that type of attitude kicked my ass and now im here, so i'll shut up now, lol.

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