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well i'm new to this message board, as u all may have figured by now i have ACNE and it's frustrating as hell, not to mention embarrasing. I started breaking out around february/april of this year and now mid into july it has gotten much worse. I was put on retin a for about 2 months starting in mid april and then i started on the pills of deoxysomething in late may while still continuing with retin a. I came across this site when i first started breaking out and i didn't bother to try this regimen because i figured that a doctor would give me better results but i was wrong. and now i've been on this regimen for about a month now and my face is still as bad as it was before the regimen. I'm frustrated as hell because i never even had pimples before my breakouts, i was smooth and clear. And now it hurts to see my nasty face cause i would always overreact with a zit and now it's overwhelming to see this shit. What shall i do?????

I'm losing hope now, i'm losing hope and that's all i got right now, hope. I know my acne isn't as bad as others but acne is acne and it can make anyone feel horrible. especially me. I want this to go away asap or at least before school starts again. let's all hope it works out for me, cause i hope u all find a regimen that works for you simply because i know how acne can make a person feel. Good luck everyone.

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I Havent tried Dan's Regimen, but i heard it works wonders if you stick with it. I'm one that just gets those stubborn pores clogged. Since i sweat so much..and i have been using Honey on my face. Its been working.....look around the board for a cure for you! =D>

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im hoping this works....i can't figure out how to post pics....but if it does this was me before my breakouts.

and now just imagine a lot of pimples on my cheeks. #-o

I'm the guy (as most of you would have figured, but there are a few that just...oh nevermind)

All i want is to be as clear as i was before, and i dont think it's too much to ask. but :-k im just hoping i'll get clear soon.

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