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first time w/regimen.. need guidance!

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Hey guys, I found this site about 2 weeks ago and I have received my first shipment of bp gel.

I have been on bp, mostly on the spot, since I can remember. I am 20 years old and have had enough acne to not only be annoying but hurt me and my confidence. I used to wash my face a billon times a day adding all sorts of stuff. BP occasionally, SA occasionally, masks, exfoliators and scrubs. I used to be harsh on my face and scrub scrub scrub hoping to end this junk. I have been on doryx for 2 years, as well as triaz pads(bp). I stuck with the combo for monthes and nothing really changed. I eventually stopped the pads as they were irrating to me and dyed my clothes/sheets. I was recently upped to doryx twice a day but saw no REAL results, as i was probably irrating my skin to hell by all the topical stuff and scrubbing.

I saw the regimen and it caught my eye and i was confused how you could be so gentle on your face and have an effect. So i ordered the gel and got to work.

I figured i would jump right in because i have already applied tons of bp, but never with this strict regimen and being this gentle with my skin.

I do have a few questions that I hope you can help me with.

1)moisturizers. I have looked through the recommended stuff and have tried eucerin and cetaphil, but I do not like either, they leave me very greasy. i have been using nivea for men w/spf15. it says oil free and will not clog pores. i like it, the fragrance, and hte feeling it has. any suggestions? good bad ?

2)i am using basis bar soap. i have tried all sorts of cleansers, clean and clear deap cleaning, phisoderm, nivea stuff, but i am willing to try the basis, so far so good, kinda. i do a light wash, like dan suggests, for less then 10 seconds (i used to spend a minute rubbign crap into my face) and even then with the basis i still leave the shower with a dry face. suggestions? i read somewhere that dan said liquid cleansers may be better. i was at the store today and saw basis in gel form? any suggestions?

3)applying bp is fine. i try and be as gentle as possible. really no questions here.

4)ive been doing it for about a week now, i think. been pretty strict, doing it and such. i think it is goin ok. things were normal until yesterday/today. my face wasnt clear to begin with, but it wasnt bad. then i had few big guys pop up. i left in the mornign and they were red bumps, i was like sweeet, lol. got back and they were developed and big and white. i know i am not supposed to pop, but i refused and did so, tryign to be sterile about it. i washed applied regimen as normal and here i am typing.

is that normal, i have read that it gets worse before better... they definatly seemed to come to a head quicker. is that good sign?

5)flax oil - i picked up some flax oil pills, apparently i need to take like 14 a day to have the same effect as the actually liquid? i have not tried that yet. I found the oil at a store, but it said it should be refrigerated after opening, but I really dont feel like putting flax oil in my fridge, would be kinda awkward with the socials. is it necessary to keep cool?

6) gimme faith!

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hang in there, sounds like you are off to a good start.

Your moisturizer sounds fine, if you like it, stick with it.

cleanser, anything gentle, oil-free, not scrubby and not medicated should be fine, if you want to try the Basis gel cleanser, give it a try and see.

You may still experience breakouts for the first 3 months, depending on the severity of your acne. Read through the "what to expect" link for more on that.

Flax oil, I don't know. I take one gelcap per day, just for health measures.

Good luck with the Regimen, and continue to keep us posted on your progress.

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1) try neutrogena oil free moistureizer

2) try a liquid cleanser. i was using purpose bar and that was leaving me very dry. i switched to purpose liquid and the a lot of the dryness went away for the most part

3)sounds good

4)everyone is differnet, but many have gotten a little worse before better, especially right away and at week 3, also i have read some people experience a breakout around week 5, also. like i said, everyone is differenet, though.

5)no experience, no comments

6)stick with it, no matter if you get red and dry (which you probably will) just stick it out. that is what i am doing, as is mostly everyone else on here. keep us updated on your progress to clearer skin!

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thanks for the responses guys.

i may find a more gentle cleanser, htough i do like the price of the basis.

i really feel my big problem was the amount i cleansed my face before, seriously 4-5 times a day.

Parts of my face where i have had faciel hair (go-t) for a few years i rarely cleanse, and go figure, its clear. I honestly cant remember the last breakout there.

thanks though,

ill come back with any questions

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