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has anyone had any results using honey? i read somewhere on here that a certain type of honey (i forgot the name) is very good for acne because it is an exfoliant and an anti-bacterial.

im thinking of putting this in my regimen to help red marks?

i don't know... please help!

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well ill tell you what I PM someone for what i used. Ive noticed It tries to take stuff out of my pores......... 8-[ Its awesome but here:

Well, Heres what I do.

1.In the morning take a nice shower. I get out and do watever i do and get dressed, then put honey on. I just smooth it all on. Cause you notice before. After the honey is on your face it seems to make little bubbles where every pore is on your face.I think it deep cleans like people say. And I Leave it on for 15 min to a half hour. Then wash it off by having a gentle washrag that is warm and just wipe it off gently, or if you want splash water on your face. But that doesnt really get the honey all off.

Im lucky enough to get pores clogged to where i can sqeueeze em and they will unclog and repair itsself in a few days, with out infection.

2. Basicallyfor night time I just do what i do in the morning. If I dont wanna take a shower. I make sure I just use warm water all on my face.

Wat I've noticed is it does take some red marks and some light scarring away. but heres my deal i sweat alot at work. so my skin is always moist and wat not.(im only 18 So its getting rid of dead skin all the time. My skin also has me get whiteheads in a matter of hours. weird

I dont know much more to tell you. I still have alittle over a half a bottle of honey left and I have been doing this for a month, every day.

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Honey helps get rid of the red marks? How long does it generally take before they will fade?

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I just use grade a honey from the store.......you can use more pure honey but this works........and eventually i see the red marks go away. But my skin is very sensitive so it changes often through the day.

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