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Fraxel Study

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Hi everyone!

I just returned from an appointment with a doctor in NYC about a fraxel research study. Unforunately (or is that fortunately?!) I don't qualify for the study because my acne scars are considered 'mild'. :shock: They are seeking people with SEVERE acne scars...someone who has boxcar, icepick & rolling all together. This is for a fraxel study.

I did a study with them once before - years ago - for Cooltouch. It didn't do anything for my scars, but I can tell you that this is a reputable, professional research group.

I may still consider Fraxel, myself, with Dr. Rokshar. I was hoping to get it for free, but I might just have to pay for it. :eh: Oh well.

Anyway...with that being said, if you want to PM me, I will give you the email address, name & contact number for them, if anyone would like to see if they qualify!!

Good luck to all!

Leigh :D

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Anyone else?


I'll PM you the info (about my scars, etc)



Thanks for the info Leigh, I'm going to check it out..Can't hurt to try right? I was going to have Fraxel done but decided to wait. I haven't seen enough results(on this site or any for that matter.) to justify paying $6000.00 for the treatments. I want to see some solid results before committing to it Best of luck to you w/ your treatments.

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