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ACne starts well below the surface

How does one prevent it from starting up?? I mean,dirt doesn't affect it etc. Starts below the surface. You can't reach that section. Just BP? Anything else?

Ican't control stuff like hormone imbalance from stress etc so that sucks.

BTW,most of my breakouts happen on jawline area. Anyone know why just that area? Long time ago, used to be on cheeks. Now that's totally clear.

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Are you male? Might be a result of shaving? If so, use a less aggressive razor, such as a single blade or an electric razor that doesn't cut to close, a so-called "black man's razor".

Also, chemical exfoliating is good. Using either some kind of alpha-hydroxy acid, salicylic acid, or Retin-A (treitinoin), or similar.

On my face I only get the papule acne (bumps), usually. But on my arms and legs I get blackheads. I find just taking a bath but using a pumic stone lightly on the skin gets rid of those (i would not recommend a pumice stone on your face, though).

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If you are a girl, get on an appropriate birth control pill. Or else Accutane. Or move to the desert. Seriously, whenever I go to Nevada my skin looks wonderful. All these topical creams and gels are pretty worthless, in my opinion...

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