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ok to tell u about me...Im 31 have a 13 yr old and didnt start having serious problems till my late 20's.

Dont get me wrong I had breakouts but they were manageable. In my late 20's I started getting these hard white bumps...I would squeeze them , scrub them do everything to no avail. I cant tell u how many times people have asked me what was wrong with my face. I had one woman walk up to me in a bar one night and say ..." You'd be such a pretty girl if u didnt have whatever the hell that is all over your face"

Can you say embarassed??? My husband thinks its all in my head and I look beautiful and so has every other man I have been with... I dont feel normal tho ...I had to have my wedding with them and ugh I wanted to die. Part of me feels I have no right complaining especially when I see some of the pics on here with such awful cystic acne which thank God I do not have. I think tho regardless of the severity you are self concious. Last week I started using head and shoulders on my face...ya I know sounds weird but I heard it somewhere and thought i would give it a shot. WOW do I ever see a difference...drying my face out tho. Today I am on my way for my very first facial...3 freakin hrs ack!!! She says she can help me and I hope she can....I certainly cant afford any trips to the plastic surgeon...will let you know how it goes. I guess I should also mention that I have scarring...not like most where it is discoloured ...its not its i guess ice pick scars...it really sux...makes my face look like a mine field

I am enclosing a pic...its not great but it really is the only pic i can find that is half decently clear of me...i rip up all my pics...i hate looking at them...anyhoo u can see that my face is hilly in it...will work on setting up my web cam so i can take pics after my facial...see if it does anything for me:)




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i dont know wat to tell you babe you look good to me... : /

Same here. :D

Aww well thank you guys...I know the pic is small and in terms of esthetics it its awful!!!! ick hehe but its the only one where you can even remotely see what I am talking about....my hubby hasnt even seen that pic:P

So I went for my facial yesterday.....that was truly 3 hrs of hell. my bumps have calcified so she was sticking the hell outta me...it was pretty ok until she got to my chin area holy crap that hurt!

So today Im going to have to put on makeup because frankly I cant see what I look like due to all the redness...I think I still have some swelling too.

Ill let ya know how that goes

Yesterday soon as I got back from my facial a repair guy shows up to see whne he can change our windows....he smirked at me thru the whole thing///no doubt I looked like I was picking zits all day...how embarassing!!!! :redface:

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