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i plan on utilizing this thread for organizing the progress of my amnesteem course. comment on anything, keep my mind laboured on things like this and not the state of my face (the only exception being that i'm cleeear). i hope this to be a vehicle for aiding others---even if it be in a experimental-esque way---and to verbalize any of my concerns, something which i haven't done in a relatively looong time. make this a community, whatever...just a place where our words can meet. i'm ready to do this.

what's up pedros? i guess i'll be one of your fellow amnesteem ambassadors for a few of the following months, and i feel obliged to make myself known to you. i'm 17, a senior in high school (much of the reason to rid this shit before college), and am living in indiana. i'm an avid drummer with a band that i'll let you guys get a listen to within a few days, and i have a knack for all things scholastic (sans math..no000 way), namely philosophy, literature, psychology, and chemistry. i have some prospects for university in chicago (uoc or northwestern). nooow for the frivolities: i've been plagued with acne vacillating from mild to borderline-severe, although a perceptive disorder could very well precipitate that. either way, i have not been acne free in 4 years, and i don't see it going away anytime soon...hence, why i'm blasting this shit before college. my social life has not been affected to such extremes as to produce an introvert out of a usually amiable guy, but in recent times i have become more withdrawn socially...but the biggest battle are the times at home, confronted with the mirror, that sick reverberation of disgusted looks. and.no.fucking.way.for.it.to.go.away. i've tried (let me delve deeper into that part of my mind...jesus): antibiotics (doxycycline, amoxicillin, keflex, and minocycline), OTC's (nuskin clear action regimen, various salicylic acid acid washes and topicals, AHA products, and The Acne Cure DuBrow method that necessitates a shitload of OTC's), prescription topicals (retin-a micro, generic tretinoin gel .5%, differin, benzaclin), facedoctor soap (which i might add does have some verity to it...and it's a good soap), various supplements (zinc, multivitamins, copper, chromium, flaxseed--more or less for health maintenance as well). gentle washing and religious use of benzaclin has brought me to an acceptable level, but i know if i were to deviate from this, all hell would break lose. i think it's time for accutane. ironically, this is the best my face has looked in about 8 months. amnesteen regimen will be: 40 mg amnesteen, alternating once daily one day and twice daily the next (40/80), minocycline twice daily (i know, i know, my derm insisted it was alright and for me to call at the slightest hint of headache) spectrojel for cleansing, aquaphor pre-bedtime on lips on significant dry areas, dr. dan's cortibalm when my lips get bad, purpose lotion with spf 30 during the day, an emu lotion with vitamin e at night, and an emu body lotion for my hands and such. i will continue taking my supplements, minus the multivitamins. that's it. only worry is that my initial blood tests yielded a 208 in cholesterol, but hopefully i can ward much more of it off with a refined diet.

for more of my concerns, here's another thread where i outlined them in: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=73529

anyone, please answer some of my concerns.

alright...it's time for my first dose.

...i think i'll just consider this my day 1 entry...shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

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Welcome to isotretinoin-land! You are lucky to tackle this problem at your age, so you can be done and over with acne in your 20s and beyond!!!

Good luck w/ the treatment and keep us posted.


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today was the first day of 80 mg (40 in the am, 40 in daaa pm). i'm still grappling with the realization that i'm on this shit. the first thing that's graced the critical side of my mind is how jesuschristly hard it is to even comprehend how to BEGIN opening the damn pills. ok, thanks for the arrow, but there's like a stratum of bedrock i need to mine out to get to the pill from underneath. lmao, i damn near thought the anti-pregnancy emblems were 'do not get fat' signs. fair enough. no new pimples over night, and only one developed during the day, a superficial one probably not attributable to an initial breakout. it's only day 2.

i worked out today as well. i can see back pains being a bitch with my crunch and lower back regimen. how has working out been for people well into accutane?

alsooo, has anyone used 'purpose' moisturizer, spf 30, by johnson and johnson whilst 'taning?

i'm out for now. later guys.

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ahhh, nothing notable to comment on. no new pimples have formed, per se, just a few larger clogged pores i've had for weeks have come to the surface. my lips are chapped, but nothing aquaphor can't rid me of. the only strange thing is that my face seems to be MORE oily than normal? has this happened to anyone else during the first few days of accutane? straaange.

later guys.

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DAY 30

one month in. i'm on accutane now, no generic. nothing out of the norm has been happening; the characteristic side-effects (chapped lips, dry skin patches, a little bit of peeling, breakout) have been about the most interesting thing i can say at this point. unfortunately, my one month blood tests yielded a 29 point increase in cholesterol, while everything else remained the same. has such a drastic change in cholesterol in such a short time affected anyone? i'm pretty concerned, as my derm vehemently said she would discontinue accutane for 2 months if the cholesterol went any higher. consequently (and knowing me, naturally,) i stepped up my vegetarian diet to virtually vegan (although i do indulge in fish every now and then for muscle gaining purposes) and have stepped up the cardio. do you think my cholesterol could increase even with my newly implemented cholesterol-lowering regimen? another question: do people's cholesterol levels, on average, remain the same about one month in, or do they continue to increase say after 2 months (or could they even decrease for some uknown reason)? i'm just trying to get a feel if exercise and diet will have a drastic change within a month. do you think it will? aaahh, i'm scared.

other than that, a few whiteheads, some red marks fading, some dryness. emu oil at night is a deal, as is shaving with bump guard. oohh and waaater water.

ps, who else thinks opening those bastard pills is as fun as it is rewarding?


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