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Anyone taking Muscle Milk or a muscle-building suppplement?

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I've been taking muscle milk for a long time now as i use it as a protein shake after working out. I never realized that the Muscle Milk could be affecting my testosterone causing me to break out even though i wash my face and all of that. I remember a while agao i stopped woorking out and using muscle milk for about 4 months (because of school) and i had no acne and my face. Recently i started using it again as i have been back to working out. now realize that my testosterone is probably way out of whack because of this damm supplement. I'm gonna stop taking it and see what happens.

So my question is, is anyone out there drinking Muscle Milk or Whey Protein or anotther body-building supplement and are having moderate acne problems? Thanks.

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Muscle Milk is non-hormonal and does not cause acne. Neither will protein shakes.

The only supplements that will cause acne & breakouts are:

Natural testosterone boosters - Diesel Test, Blue Rhino etc.

Prohormones/Steroids - Superdrol, PheraPlex, Ergomax LMG, Prostanozol, etc.



In some cases, creatine monohydrate.

Maybe NHA such as Arachidonic acid, DS ActivaTe.

Things such as Protein shakes, fish oils are fine.

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Thats what i thought but you siad Creatine can cause acne. On the Muscle Milk lable it says that it boosts your body's natural level of creatine production so you can build more muscle. What about that??

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I'm not sure what the exact amount of creatine in Muscle Milk is, but I wouldn't have thought it would be significant enough to cause a breakout.

Creatine monohydrate at 5 - 10 grams a day made me break out slightly for 2 weeks. I have been taking it every day for 8 months now and haven't broke out because of it since then.

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lol, i'm sitting here drinking Muscle Milk(Root Beer flavor) as I type this :)

I also take...

Green Bulge

White Blood

Muscle Milk


Creatine CEE powder

I know, I know, a little over board

My acne gets better with all this crap. I'm also on Mino too

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