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i wish i had pictures

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So here is what i did. During highschool my mom got me on the habbit of picking my zits. All during highschool my face was full of zits and now i come to realize it was all my fault. About two months ago i got tired of my acne so i tried the regimen. I tried it for about a week and i had a doctors appointment(I had been going to my doctor all throughout highschool and he didn't help me at all). My doctor went to Iraq so igot a new doctor and he was more helpful, he told me exactly step by step everything i needed to do. So he put me on bp and Erythromycin and a moistureiser in the moringing and differin and Erythromycin at night. Long story short...it cleared me up but left me with a skin rash. I honed it down and right now all i use differin and a moisturiser at night and sunscreen but not 15 spf in the moring. Its summer so my face seems to be dry enough. I work outside. ....this is a little side note i hate bp when it rains. the damn crap runs down my face so i stopped using it because it just annoyied me. The moistureiser kept my face white while my body had a tan. I also started using supplements. I use Ultra Vitaman in the morning and at nite and Zinc for Acne in the nightime. I dont know if those help but im sure they dont hurt. My face looks pretty good now. I Still get tiny little zits and i have a bunch of small scars on the right side of my face. By the way im 19 and i have had acne for 4 years. It works for me but it probably wont work for anyone else.

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