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Thank You Very Much - Picture Of my Skin Now

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Thank you to this BP gel and the clear skin regimen my skin is the clearest it has been for at least the last 6 years

To let you all understand i first strated getting spot when i was 14 and in particular they were on my forhead and cheeks, my forehead slightly calmed down but my cheeks flared up very badly to the state that i really was embarassed to walk out onto the streets.

Now 6 years later my cheeks were still very bad, getting breakouts very often and red marks were very noticable. My forhead was getting worse and worse covered with pimples and whiteheads

I had to try something

So i saw this website and was sceptical at first, i thought no it can't work. Then one day i decided to give it a try, as i live in UK i ordered a few bottles to save on pastage

I have been using the regimen for about 7 weeks now and honestly the difference is amazing

In the morning i was my face, and i apply the BP gel generously and gently. I use moisturizer extremely little if any. I did not suffer from peeling skin or redness whatsoever (thankfully)

As for breakouts, none, i do get the occasional one or two spots but nothing major

Here is an after pic, i wish i had one of before so you could compare but it never took any as i just didn't like to look at my skin

Now - although not 100% clear, i am hoping that given some time my skin will fully clear, and the red marks will fade.

Thank you for giving me a new lease of life

If no-one has tried this, you have nothing to lose if you do, but everything to gain if it works



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That is great to hear! Your skin looks very clear. :)

I too sat back and read many threads here which made me change my regimen on controlling my acne and my skin is looking much clearer and improving..so this forum really is a major help for everyone.

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looking good :D

and u r lucky your skin isn't sensitive.

mine is, so it breaks out every time smth irritates it..


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