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Well, i have a friend who uses nothing else for pimples. Works well for her. I suppose its good to use for occasional pimples (spot-treating). I have been meaning to try it but cant seem to find the tube i kept somewhere in my room. If you're wondering which cream i'm referring to..this is a pic


Ok to elaborate furthur..it contains 2 active ingredients, Chloroxylenol and Triclosan. Chloroxylenol is effective because it is able to kill a broad spectrum of bacteria. BP is effective in killing about 96% of bacteria present so the remaining 4% quickly multiplies and goes back to its original state before your next bp application (unless ure on the regimen where bp is on your face 24/7) Choloroxylenol is able to kill bacteria that even bp is not effective against and is supposedly effective for up to 12 hrs.

As for triclosan, is it a well known agent that discourages bacterial growth and is used as an anti-bacterial agent in body washes and stuff. So thats why i think that this would work for spots.

For those of you who would consider trying , i think its better to use it just to spot treat coz this cream wasnt exactly designed for acne and might be too harsh.

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Ive heard of Dettol cleanser...but isn't it NOT for acne?

No this is not a cleanser..its just an antiseptic cream. I mean if neosporin can be used for spot treatment..i dont see why this cant be used.

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really what neosporin etc. are good for is for spot treating something thats already in the process of healing. Sadly you often have to wait until the pimple is fully reached its "emergence" before you can start soothing it. Or catch it early. Either or.

I was given neomedrol once to use if a pimple was starting..just made it worse! but on something thats already been injected or i know is on its way out something like neosporin which is an antiinflamatory can do wonders.

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