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Almost made a big mistake...

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I am 21 years old, and a junior in college! I love it and have a great circle of friends. I have had mild acne for about 7 years, but nothing I could not handle. My acne flaired up when I came to college...boo! So, i began seeing the derm. I have been put on different meds, and they would work, but then fail! So, finally my derm...last week, said, its time for ACCUTANE! I was like, "excuse me?" I have two whiteheads.... are you serious? I didnt know much about the drug so I came home and researched. This drug is not for me!!

I have decided to go back to him, tell him I decline his offer and go back to my high school routine and add a few new things in.


Wash with any gentle cleanser, I like neutrogena stuff.

Exfoliate with baking powder and water (I just learned this and its wonderful!)

Neutralize with Vinegar and Water (ditto)

Apply bp 2.5%

Lotion (Aveeno Ultra Calming Lotion)


Wash with cleanser

Once a week on friday I use a mask (I am now trying egg white and lemon, just learned this, too!)

Apply BP

Apply lotion


Wonderful, pimple-less skin in the morning!! (I do get occasional ones but its "that time of the month related!"

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