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Loma Lux Acne - - - has anyone experienced?

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Yesterday I bought such a medicine as “Loma Lux acne”. It was advertised on TV, and so as I haven’t got any results after using different gels, creams and other treatments for acne, I decided to buy it as the last opportunity to get rid of this awful disgusting problem. Can you tell me if you have experienced such a treatment and if you have noticed any results. My acne is not moderate, but I cannot stop the process of appearing of new spots, another problem is that my skin is TOO oilyL “Loma Lux acne” is a homeopathic treatment, one has to take it for 6 weeks only, It’s produced in the USA, they have their own page -www.lomalux.com - you can go there and read about this product if you haven’t heard about it before. My friend began to use it a week before, and she says that her postacne began to disappear. Please, if one can tell me anything about it’s usage – then do it !:) I live in Belarus and this treatment wasn’t sold there before now so I cannot ask our people about it – they haven’t experienced it. I hope you’ll help me.

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these are pills right? I used some pills that were called that, but I didn't notice them working. But I am really bad about takeing pills, and I didnt use them that long so I guess It could work.

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I used it for about two months.Took 4 pills a day.Didnt do anything for me.My skin was also oily and I had moderate acne.It didnt seem to do anything about either problem.Everybody is different though so it may work for some but not for others.

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my daughter uses loma lux. She has been using it for about 3 years now. From what I can remember in the beginning it seemed to help. I know she takes way more now then the directions say. I am trying to get her to wean herself off of these. It is hard to say whether these are still helping her or not cuz she still has breakouts. My daughter has become so dependenat on all these acne products that she will not stop her regimen that she has been doing for about 3-4 years now even though it does not seem to be helping. All I know is that I have checked the ingredients of all the products she uses and all of them have at 2-3 ingredients that cause irritation. I would like to see her stop the pills and topicals all together for a couple of weeks and see what happens and then start from scratch. Sorry I went off topic. :)

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