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Acne problem solved

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Well i i havent posted in a long time,(not that i post alot) but i just like to share with u guys that my acne problem has been solved. I took accutane( in my case oratane a generic version) from december 2004 to around september this year, 20 mg per day topping out at 40 mg. I would say my condition has improved by more then 90%. My face is still oily,and i still get the occasional zits(one or 2 small ones,most ly due to the stress of exams, i'm doing the GCE A-levles now) in a week, but its pretty much controlled by differin , which i use once in two days. I dont do anything else special, i wash with plain water, and pretty much eat what i like(in reasonable moderation).Before i had quite servere acne, those cystic kinds. I did experince some side effects, but because i stay in the tropics, i did not suffer much of dry skin and stuff, just occasional back aches and very rarely headaches(which i cannot positively attribute to accutane.. I do not experince any of the side efffects now.

So yes, accutane works.(at least for me)

This is a great website, thanks everyone for contributing in your own way.

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