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Why does my acne scar?

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i asked my derm about this too

he said that for some people, their acne is shallow, which means it is on the outer layers of the skin, so it can quickly heal without leaving a scar. and for us, our acne is deep within the skin, and then it comes to the surface, which damages alot more then the outer layers. which in turn, scars.

heres the example, whiteheads are generally on the surface, and once its gone, it leaves a tiny mark, then after few days its barely noticable. but cyst are ddeeep within the skin, and when it surfaces, it hurts, and stays there for a few weeks. then it'll leave a damn scar.

i have alot of scars too, it bugs me.

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ahh!! mine does that too, and i thought it was just only me..

i hate it when people are like "don't touch your pimples, blah, blah, " and i don't, and yet they'll leave a red spot. they just don't understand hunn?? muthhaaa fuckas

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What???!!! 3 or 4 days??? My whiteheads last a lot longer! What are you doing to get rid of them? I'll leave it alone and it'll get dry and hard and it'll fall off, but blood comes out and there'll be a red mark there for awhile. Most of the zits I get are whiteheads.

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i have the same frikin problem, pick them or not it leaves a red mark sometimes can take a whole month to totally go away ... so when i can i just pick them and make the pimple go away faster , and just leaves a red mark like it would anyways, thank god though i dont get holes in my face , not yet atleast and i hope it stays that way , i have to say thank god that its not any worse.

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