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My Journal on Roaccutane

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Day 7... I am on day seven now, was prescribed to take 60 mg/ day but the derm said to take 40 mg/day during the first week for my skin to get used to the drug and start 60 mg/day after a week. Still no improvement to my face, recently had some huge breakouts on my left cheek that hurt when I wash my face. Some even grow into one huge, red zits. No major change in oilness of my face, still very2 oily, especially the nose and forehead, but started to feel the dryness of my lips yesterday... Will keep you all informed how I go as I go along.... Is it actually wierd to not have any change in the oilness of the skin?


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Hi everyone, I am on day 8 of Roaccutane now. Started my 60 mg dose a day today. Still no big difference to the face, still oily and breakouts haven't healed. Yet, my lips start to get dry i guess, it feels hurt when I don;t moisturise it. I use Blixtex clear advance and oralite peppermint lip treatment depending on how dry are they. I used cetaphil moisturising cream for my hands... Will keep you informed how I go.... Wish me luck..Hope this will end soon :pray:

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Hei there guys, I am on day 10 of Roaccutane now. All of the breakouts that I had are starting to dry up and healing I guess.Most of the big pimples are starting to dry up as well and become tiny zits. Lips are dry..not too sever though yet my face is still bit oily... Anyone knows how long does it take Roaccutane to dry face up? However, I am currently facing another problem. As my big zits are drying up, they become so fragileI guess so that everytime I wash my face with cetaphil liquid cleaser, they got wiped out a bit bu my hands and thus, bleed. So everytime I pat my face with towel, I always find bit of blood on the towel. I am affraid that this will leave scar... Any recommendations guys? Is it going to be better if I use cleaser that lather?

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HI guys...has been a while since the last time I updated my progress. Well...on day 14 now...my face is starting to dry out...as well as the acnes...looks bit like an old man now :razz: Breakouts are drying out as well...but why they become whiteheads when they dry out? Anyone experiencing the same problem? Anyway...hope this curse will end soon....

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