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Retin-A Micro question

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hi everyone:

i've been using retin-a micro 0.1% for 5 days now. today, i started peeling after i washed my face. what should i do about the peeling? do i leave it alone or rub the skin off? i know this may be a silly question, but i really dont know what to do about the peeling. thanks.

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hi shirl

I jst wanted to share an experience.

I used to use retin-a too and I noticed after a while that the texture of my skin became much worse than before.

Retin-a specially at the concentration u r using can be very harsh on ur skin...

jst felt like sharing my story..

good luck..

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try not to leave it on the skin until u r used to it. Put it on and then rinse it off after awhile leaving it on longer and longer until u can tolerate it. I used retin a micro too and it left my skin REALLY shiny and greasy. Hopefully it works good for u though as everyones skin is different.

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this stuff is really drying and making my skin red! i think i'm going to stop using it. thanks for the responses guys, but i still don't know what i should do about the peeling skin. it looks weird. :cry:

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Peeling = Working. My brother had moderate acne and he started on Retin-A Micro 0.1%...the first month and a half, his face looked like shit. It was red and peeling everywhere. Then into the 3rd month, he stopped peeling and his face is CLEAR. I mean CLEAR, not one zit. I think his face built up a tolerance to it so that it doesn't peel like it use to. Also, you're suppose to use Retin-A ONCE a day...usually at night when you go to sleep. If you're doing it more then once a day, then you're probably fucking yourself over.

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