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Will ALOE VERA GEL work as moisturizer for the regimen??

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Hey everyone, I am about to start the regimen and I am still not decided on what moisturizer to use. I purchased Eucerin Redness Relief moisturizer and thinking of trying that too. I have used 100% Aloe Vera Gel before as a moisturizer but not with the BP Gel. Has anyone used 100% ALoe Vera Gel as part of the regimen and if so, what were the results?

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Aloe may work, but I suggest you follow the regimen until you're completely clear. Then you can change 1 variable at a time. I have read on the boards both good and bad things about aloe. So it's probably safest to follow the regimen 'til you're clear first.

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When I was on a BP regimen I used aloe as a moisturizer and liked it. It felt nice and clean under my makeup, calmed the irritation that the bp caused, and didn't make my face feel greasy like most moisturizers do. I wouldn't recommend it if you don't wear makeup though. It can look kind of shiny on your face, and it doesn't have spf.

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I use aloe vera as my moisturizer. Personally, I think it works just fine with the regimen. It's been working great for me anyway. I use fruit of the earth 100% aloe vera gel.

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i use it too , my face dosent agree with any mosturizers at all , just feels dirty. I dont know if it drys it looks like it a bit because it make your skin feel tight but it says on the bottle it mosturizes. anyway it works great for me i love it.

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