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need some help fast

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Hey there, I'm new here and have some questions for you. I have been experiencing some bad acne on my upper arms. I have tried washing with soap and water twice a day, but it's not helping. I need some advice on what I can do quick. I have a wedding I'm in July 19, and my dress is strapless. HELP!!!!!! :):-:(

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I had a similar situation a while ago, and here's my advice

Keep the area really well covered with 10% bz, and put a really extra heavy paste of bz right on the spots. You can do this day and night, assuming you're wearing sleeves to keep the area covered. Let the bz dry completely before putting your shirt on, or it might bleach it. You skin might get somewhat dry (at least mine did), but I wouldn't try moisturizing just yet (the dryness will keep any additional forming pimples at bay). Hopefully, that will get rid of your acne by mid July. If needed, moisturize really well on the day of the wedding, and no one will be able to tell it was dry. (If it gets REALLY dry, you can start moisturizing a few days before.)

Anyway, good luck. And don't pick at the spots - nearly two weeks is enough to let them dry out on their own without risking ugly dark marks on the day of the wedding.

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