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What finally worked for me

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I didn't have teenage acne but I suddenly developed spots at the age of 32. It really, really sent my life into a downward spiral....well I don't need to expand I guess.

Now age 35 its gone - and it is GREAT. I'm going to tell you what I tried and what did or didn't work for me. Remember all of this is just my personal experience so please please don't take it as God's word. I'm really just posting to give people hope.

Over-the-counter creams - tried dozens and dozens. Got really sore skin and no improvement to the pimples.

Vitamins - B5 notably. Followed this religiously and had no change whatsoever.

Antibiotics - this did work but was unhappy about taking these "for the rest of my life" as my GP said.

Accutane - after finally getting referred to a dermatologist I was put on this for a year. He reckoned it would zap it once and for all. Well it did zap it while I was it. BUT after a week of stopping the spots came back with a vengence. I got very depressed but embarked on a different method.

N-lite - this is basically laser treatment and apparantly has good results according to the marketing. It is expensive - well I went privately (Harley Street!) as it was still fairly new. It cost a lot - I signed up for 3 sessions which cost me around £900. I was told it would get worse before getting better. Well it certainly got worse but it didn't get better. When I complained, I was told I would have to have more sessions - which was well and good but I couldn't afford to. Was very disappointed.

I even gave Reikki a go (healing)! To be fair it really did help for other things in my life but not my spots. So not be knocked.

Believe it or not I then went for ...don't laugh....colonic irrigation! Had six sessions. Felt a lot lighter and really helped the constipation but not the spots!

Mmm, quite a lot of money spent so far.

I finally tried a regimen as a rather desperate attempt. Well, it worked and I am still spot free after almost 6 months.

As I don't wish to go against forum rules and start promoting particular sites I won't put the details here. The info. is copyrighted so I can't just distribute it anyway.

If you are interested in finding out which system worked for me, it's probably better to send me an e-mail directly. I think this is available in the member's section? If not, just say so as a reply to this post and I will put my e-mail address on here (if it's allowed).

Finally, I know how devasting it can be when treatments don't work so please remember this is just my individual experience. It may or may not work for others.

Thanks for reading.

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I'm not laughing at all - I have tried that one too as my skin got SOOO irritated. It helped a bit - in fact even supermarket baby lotion did at little. I had stripped my skin completely with various products.

I forgot to mention in the thread above that I also had microdermabrasion - but it aggravated my cold sore problem.....lucky me, i had it all! Did help the spots a little though.

And I bought some weird soap claiming that acne was caused by some bug in your eyelashes!!!!!! Can't believe I fell for that one......

Anyway, drying out the skin completely does not help. So yes, if sudo cream is good enough for sore baby's bottom's it is certainly good enough for the sore faces of spot-ridden adults !

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