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cholesterol levels

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i'm on roaccutane 40 mg for the 5th month and now i'm taking LIPITOR 10mg for cholesterol :(

my derm said that my reading is ((high normal)) and i'll be taking lipitor for this month and she'll check the reading of cholesterol nect visit

i'm only 23 ,with a healthy life styl ,, I love accutane,but i hate this cholesterol thing :(

any one of u guys had the same problem??


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Whats your cholesterol at? What was it when you started...how did it progress up?

Mine went up from like 170 (or 180?) to 200 after the first month. Then after the 2nd it went up to 214...now I'm just finishing the 3rd soon....and I've been on a crazy diet limiting cholesterol intake...so I'll see whats what when I go in....yeah it's retarded...

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I ad the same problem, almost with the sam numbers. I stopped eating so much dairy, and started eating a ton of fibre. That was really the key for me. FIBRE. Whole grain breads, prunes. All that.

If you just want to trick the blood test, eat nothing but vegetables two days before you go. It'll drop by 15%.

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I've heard garlic can help lower cholestorol so I started eating a clove or garlic everyday for the past month. I get the results of my blood test on Wednesday, so I will let you know if it made any difference.

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My baseline tests showed high cholesteral levels. I was surprised by this because I am a very small person, and somewhat active.

N E way, I tried to cut sugar out of my diet for accutane. My levels stayed bout the same, but they crept up slowly. My doc was iffy about my last month, but itwas only one more month...lol

On the plus side, I lost 10 lbs, and still don't eat most sugars.

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thanks EVERY one

Login_Name,,it was normal when i started((it was 3.2 which my doctor said is good))then after the first month it went upto 5.57 or something,,which is above the high normal..thats when she gave me lipitor for the first time for 30 days only,and it lowered the level of cholesterol,then for the next 2 months my readings were GREAT with out the lipitor,and i thought that my body got adjusted to the drug or something and i'll NEVER HAVE it again while on accutane and the first month thing is nothing to worry about..

but now i'm back on it for the next month,10mg/day ((the reading this time is 5.01 which is better than the first time but considered a high normal ))

i didnt change any thing,,my diet and activity is the same,i eat fast food once a week only,,and i try to make good choices,i eat fruits and veg. on daily basis ,i LOVE grean tea

why is the cholesterol going up!!

it might be because of my genitics,both my parents have it

i'll try to increase the fiber intake even more

and,,none of u were given lipitor ??why me :/ ??

thanks all :)

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