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Random Blips oF Fact... May Possibly Help

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I found i few articles on sleep deprevation. One article relates to the fact that ones hormones relating to insulin maybe altered with lack of sleep, and in turn, could cause the excess amounts of sebum/inflamed follicles. Its not too unbelievable.

The second article basically says lack of sleep can cause increased stress hormones. Now, stress is said to be a factor in the worsening of even cause of acne because i guess you sweat more and/or your hormones get all warpy.


A 1999 University of Chicago team led by Eve Van Cauter limited a group of lean young men to four hours of sleep for 16 days. The subjects showed decreased levels of leptin and increased levels of cortisol. The subjects also increased their daily caloric intake by 1,000 calories. The team discovered that the subjects' insulin and blood sugar levels resembled the impaired glucose tolerance of prediabetics, an indication that they were no longer properly processing carbohydrates. Studies have also linked sleep deprivation to an increased incidence of obesity.

At Harvard Medical School, researchers have identified associations between sleep deprivation and illnesses ranging from hypertension and heart attacks to cancer. Poor sleepers generate increased levels of stress hormones and show more inflammatory changes in the walls of their small blood vessels, both of which contribute to elevated blood pressure. Because of their exposure to light at night, night-shift workers produce less melatonin, a hormone which not only promotes sleep but has been shown to have cancer-prevention benefits as well.

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Guest charyan

that does tie in with a few other things i've read, i been going to bed at like 3am the last 3 nights and my skin has gotten worse, and i do tend to see that my skin gets better if i sleep a bit earlier.

Then again, anything and everything causes acne.

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