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Allright guys... so i was on Benzoyl peroxide for about 2 months.. and i got totally clear while iwas on it... excluding all the red marks and everything... well i got sick of the red marks... so i stopeed the BP and began taking minocycline.. now its been 2 weeks and im totally clear without using BP, now the problem is i am either gonan get used to or become immune to the Minocycline... so i just wanted to know if some how should i use BP while im on Mino... even though im clear... and if i did this and came off the mino.. would i have a break out? even though i am still using BP???

Thanks for your answers..

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i have the EXACT same problem as you. Heres what i'm doing about it. I'm staying on the mino for at least a few more months. My derm is pretty convinced the mino is just for when i get these yearly flare-ups. (which aren't that bad but annoy the crap out of me) The derm says i'm clear (i agree) so I'm cutting my bp use to every other day..maybe even less or something if i can manage it and then worry about if i start to break out etc. that way i'm less medicated and i don't have that horrible bp bleaching stuff effect. bleh. and its less work for the routine.

i cleared this with my derm. maybe you want to try that out too?

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