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How are deep pits treated?

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I dont have any but I am curious to have deep pits are fixed?

I heard excision is a away but I dont understand how that works.

I see that

Isolagen is not fit for these corrections/chemical peels/nonablative lasers

Could possibly subcisions work for deep pits?

Can anyone fill me in.


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I don't have deep scars, but a couple of small shallow ice pick scars and Dr R is treating me with the TCA Cross method.

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Thanks Hello, but I'm not keen on trying lasers. Most of my skin is flawless and I only have a couple scars on my chin. I won't risk damaging my good skin with lasers. I will try Nlite only because there has been NO known problems with this laser except that it doesn't really work.:)

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Smooth Beam Laser: This is more like CoolTouch Laser than NLite with its miniburst of cryospray to cool the epidermis and the subcutaneous levels before the laser pulse to hinder damage. NLite does not need cryospray and passes harmlessly through the epidermis and subcutaneous levels without pain. It seems that the SmoothBeam must have the cryospray burst or the proteins coagulate and the tissues are damaged - not to mention it is more painful if there is no cryospray. Although technically dissimilar, the Sooth Beam Laser may produce the same type result as the NLite system because of the thermal wound response they create.

Spot test: usually required.

Longevity: If it is for photo-damage induced wrinkles, you will only continue to get photo damage if you frequently subject yourself to UV light exposure or spend a lot of time in the sun without a proper sunblock or hat, etc. Discuss with your surgeon his longevity percentages.

Approximate Cost: dependant upon area and practice


I can't remember all the details, but I believe there are risks associated with smooth beam. If I had very bad acne scarring then I might risk using lasers, but not when most people can't even see my scars unless they look very close. Thanks for the information!

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I think the possible treatments for deep pits are:

- Punch excision/elevation/graft

- CROSS method (TCA spot treatment)

- Subcision

(- Needling)

If the scar has sharp edges (doesn't improve by stretching the skin) excision or CROSS is best. If the scar doesn't have sharp edges subcision and/or CROSS is better. Needling may improve some scars too. I think fillers (Isolagen, fat etc) can work only if the scar isn't too deep.

Just my two cents...

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what exactly is TCA Spot Treament (Cross) and how does it work?

and what is excision and how does that work?

Where can i see before and after of these two methods. thanks

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Some threads about the CROSS method:



Excision is a method where they cut out the scar and stitch up the hole. A short discription of the different punch techniques:


I suggest you do a search both here on the acne.org and the Internet to find more information.

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Hmm, anyone have before and after pics of all these deep pitted things.

I read what it consists of but i want to know hwo effect it is.

excision seems like it hurts.

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