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Are they scars or temporary marks?? Please help!

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Hey all,

Before I get to my question, here's some info on me: I'm a 14 year old (young, I know) Wisconsinite, and have had chest acne for about 3-4 years now. I was on Minocycline for about a year and it was working great, but then my derm. told me to go off it for 2 months. After one month, I noticed some breakouts. So I'm now taking it again. My question is...whenever I get a zit, it doesn't go away. Well, the zit does, but there's ALWAYS a mark. I don't pick my zits or squeeze them, the only time I touch them is when applying BP or once in a while if I'm trying to see if they still are a zit or if they're a mark (If I can feel it, I assume it's still a zit).. anyways, will these marks go away? And if so, when? Can you get scars lazered off?? By the way, if anyone's looking for some good acne medicine, Clean & Clear Continuous Acne Control Cleanser works great as a face wash, and Clean & Clear Persa-Gel 10 (which is benzoyl peroxide) works great as well. Please let me know about my question!! Thank you soo much!!!

:D) Angie

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yea, i know! chest acne is weird. i have the same problems as you! god damnit! just hope that in the future you become rich, so you could just get them lasered off! sorry, if i'm no help, just in the same boat as you.

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agreed, i got like 17 red marks on my chest from chest acne. doesn't seem to go away either. but they slowly fade away with time. some of them faded but i think you should try hydroquoine 2% 4% or vitamin k cream. These creams lightens the redmarks

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