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I just had smoothbeam, so why am I breaking out?

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I had it a week and a day ago, and im still breaking out

WTF is going on.

Pimples come and go real fast, they dont get real big like my old ones, but it seems to be caused my this smoothbeam

i never had a breakout pattern like this.

Can anyone explain to me when i will stop breaking out?

Cuz it like one pimple gos in one day anothe rone comes, goes comes..

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It's very common when one has non-ablative laser therapies to break out because of the stimulation of the sebacious gland (even though it's shrinking! ](*,) :-k )

The exact same thing happened to me during V-Beam treatments and people told me the same thing.

Welcome to the break-out-till-the-treatment's-over-club...... :-s :)

On the brighter side, it'll eventually get better. Nurses have said the same thing in skin care clinics and doctor's offices. I even heard a nurse say that it happened to HER and she usually doesn't even break out!

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Guest niko

Not sure about N-lite, but I know that Smoothbeam actually cleared me up after my first session. I guess it varies from person to person.

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Well your doctor did do a very agressive treatment on you. I don't think anyone here has had a 45 min SB treatment with multiple passes over the same area so this could be the reason why you are still breaking out. I think your skin is probably very irritated. With my three laser treatments at a time I broke out to but it went away within 4 or 5 days.

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Maya, I don't think so because the nature of the treatment isn't messing around with the sebacious glands. At least that's what I think......

I will probably start smoothbeam treatments myself in August......

But I have heard it from more than one person that when the sebacious glands are shrinking the gland can excrete more than normal oil, thus clogging pores. From what I understand, it's common for some people.

Thanks goodness Niko didn't have a hard time with it.

But I don't believe N-Lite will break you out. But I must admit that I've only heard that N-Lite works with subcision, and doesn't seem to work very well at all on it's own.

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i dont think this is my imagination but ive been on smoothbeam for 9 days and it seems

ive had 10% improvement today as of today and its only been 9 days.

This is amazing...

The swelling has gone down to around 90%.

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