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small white hairs in my pimples ?!?

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Hi everyone,

I'm new here. I'm 28, and for most of my teens and early 20's, I've had mild acne - usually not too bad if I used lots of BP products. For the past few months, my acne is way different than it used to be. Started getting it on my cheeks and jaw line, which never used to happen. But this is the really messed-up part: THERE ARE LITTLE WHITE HAIRS IN MY PIMPLES!!!

If I pop my whiteheads (which are kind of deep down in my skin; sometimes I'll try to pop and then after a few hours they'll surface), the white junk comes out, but there's an embedded little white hair! This sucks. One more thing: the acne is almost always on the right side of my face...

I can't think of anything different in my environment that has caused this problem.

My regimen: Neutrogena Face Scrub for men, followed by Oxy 10% BP face wash, then shave in the shower (disposable Bic razor with one blade, Neutrogena shaving cream), then apply 2.5% BP gel, wait 10 min., then apply Neutrogena Razor Defense moisturizer.

Still have this damn persistent acne (new zits about once a week)! Still with the white hairs in them!

Any advice? Could I be shaving too close (I generally like a close shave)?

Help please!

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One more thing: the acne is almost always on the right side of my face...

i'll bet you sleep on that side of your face... if so try switching it up. i had that same problem then tried sleeping on the other side and acne appeared less on the original side and slightly more on the new side...

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