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SensorExcel v. Mach 3

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I'm a guy, and I've been using the Gillette Mach 3 to shave for the past few years. I've had great experience with it. I often did wish, though, that Gillette would introduce a Mach 3 model with a flexing head, like the one found on the SensorExcel and on Schick's TracerFX. I had used the TracerFX for a long time before I switched to the Mach 3. The TracerFX was my first razor, but I received the Mach 3 as a gift and decided I liked it better after trying it out. I hung on to the TracerFX and some spare razors, stuffed them in a drawer.

I recently started Dan's regimen. I'm on ... day 4 now, I believe. I looked at the site and noticed that a SensorExcel was recommended. I remembered that I had the TracerFX stowed away, but when I went to shave I forgot about it and used the Mach 3 instead, and remembered while shaving (with the flat, unbending blades) that the SensorExcel was recommended. So I took out my TracerFX and put in a brand new razor head and left it for use the next time I shaved. This came about two days later, when my skin began getting a bit red and irritated from the BP. The TracerFX <i>hurt like hell</i>. Not so much because of the redness/dryness (which wasn't as bad as it is today--yech) but because the blades of the TracerFX were noticeably less sharp than those on the Mach 3 (and plus there are only two on the FX vs. the three on the Mach 3) and because, while I was looking in the mirror, I noticed that the head wasn't curving inward as much as it could/should, and so I pressed harder in a really knuckleheaded attempt to make the thing function like it should and cut myself in a few places. (I hardly ever draw blood.) I pressed harder than I needed to. I got better results with the three sharper flat blades of the Mach 3.

Anyway, I remember the SensorExcel then. From having read the descriptions about it, it seems like it's pretty similar to the FX I was using. What's the SensorExcel, then, got over the Mach 3?

(Heh, I realize this is a pretty long rant for a question about a razor, but still, I'm curious.)

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Guest fatman_uk

It don't wobble about like the Mach 3, an i think after a week you'll find it easier shaving than u ever did.

Not to mention it's less irritating... not sure why, maybe coz it has 2 blades instead of 3?


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