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This may sound odd, but is it normal for acne to itch? A few times when I've gotten new pimples, they itched like mad. Well, I'm pretty sure they were pimples (they acted just like 'em, I can tell you that). Usually this phenomenon happens when I get a new pimple on my chest, but it's happened with new face acne too. But not every new pimple itches.


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i have itchy acne too especially on my arms and now my cheeks too. it's like a combination of itching and hurting. :|

it might be because the weather is changeing do u live where it snows or were its starting to change temp alot like here were i live the wether cchanges last week it was in the 70s now its in the 30s in the am i go though windburn that iches and burns and other things that might be all of your problems

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Guest Poker-Butt

well when i get a new pimple on my bak (every blue moon) they itch..its weird...but they itch on my face when a pimple is healing (like one of those big fuckers) ....who knows ...weird...or maybe u have the demodex mites :pray:

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one solution to mites is zz cream...that's what i hear. anyways, after looking at the ingredients in the zz cream i kinda noticed its complete sh*t..it wouldn't kill anything ...the mentioned many herbs and zinc oxide. wow just wow. ive used zinc creams in the past and they did not cure my acne.

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hey yay, recently ive been getting quite a few ichy acne too. im now reading up on demodex mites being the cause of our acne. if so, then it makes sense it they iches.

more info on this thread:


same here, I'm getting some face doc. (shold be here soon) but it looks like the ZZ cream will also work....

~Yay~ is it more ichy at night??

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