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need help!

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i went to the derm today for my bacne and he prescribed me some 100 mg doxycycline and some clindamysin phosphate lotion. The derm told me to use the lotion for my face as well, but i am very hesitant because the regimen is doing well for me. The only thing is, the regimen asn't really cleared me up and its been about 4 months. Is it ok for me to use doxycycline while using the regimen on my face?

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Doxycycline is an antibiotic, so it wont interfere with the regimen. Antibiotics clear up zits but if you want my opinion, I wouldn't bother with it, as an antibiotic is only a temporary solution. The zits eventually become immune (for me it took about 2 years on doxycyline). Constant use of antibiotics is not a great idea either (heard of superbugs?) plus they kill the good bacteria, so they can give you thrush, assuming you are a girl, which you might not be, sorry.

So, it is no big deal if you combine the two. I have gotten way better results with the regimen than I ever got on doxy though, if that helps change your mind :)

sorry, I just read your post again and realised you said bacne.

disregard the earlier stuff, it is hard to use the regimen for bacne

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