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Firefly's: Lil' bit o' everything Regimen Log

Hello all, and welcome to my log. After many years of ineffective topicals, oral antibiotics, accutane, and 'natural' methods, I've decided to go back to the dermatologist (a new dermatologist), and see what she can do. If anything. A bit about me:

Age: 24

Sex: (or is it gender?) Female

Skin: Greasy t-zone. Many comodones, open and closed. Very red pustules, some nodules. Lesions mainly concentrated on forehead, chin, and area beside the nose stretching down to the mouth. Discolouration and some surface scars.

History: I've been going to dermatologists since 1997. I have tried topical clindamycin, oral tetracycline, oral erythromycin, differen gel, vitamin A cream, some other topicals that I don't remember the names of, accutane, vitex/yellowdock root, B5, and lately, Dan's BP Regimen. Nothing has worked, and I had a terrible experience with the accutane. I definitely break-out before my menstrual cycle, during which I experience a few pimples on the chest and back. (they dissapear within a few days and leave no trace)

Currently I:

-a.m. wash with spectrajel

-moisturize with Neutrogena

-use MAC Studio Finish cover-up

-blot with blue, Clean and Clear oil-absorbing sheets as needed

-p.m. wash with spectrajel

-cover spots with Neutrogena 2.5 BP

What the derm. told me to do:

-a.m. cleanse with Neutrogena Acne Wash

-use Coppertone Sport Gel 30spf

-after dinner cleanse

-cover spots and acne prone regions with Panoxyl 2.5 aquagel

-p.m. cleanse

-cover spots and acen prone regions with Retin A .01

I've also started Diane -35 (2-days ago), and tonight I will start 333MG Apo-Erythro Erythromycin capsules 3Xday. My derm also made it very clear that I am to introduce the new facewash and topicals very, very gradually. ie. alternate between the Spectrojel and Neutrogena wash for about a week before using the Neutrogena exclusively, then apply the Coppertone every other day for a few days before applying daily, etc. I am also not to moisturize under pain of death. If I absolutely have to, I am to use a 2% Clindamycin Complex 15 face cream very, very sparingly to dry spots only. Oh, and the only brand of cosmetics that she can recommend is MAC, specifically their Studio Fix line.

So! Giddy-up. Off we go.

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-a.m cleanse with Spectrojel

-small amount of Coppertone across the nose and cheekbones

-p.m cleanse with Neutrogena

-Diane 35 and oral Erythromycin

I used the Neutrogena last night and my skin wasn't as oily when I woke-up this morning, but it still looks terrible. Whille there are many red, inflamed lesions, there doesn't seem to be many new ones. At this point, it's rather hard to tell.

I've been feeling rather nauseas from all the pills, but that should go away in a few days. The Coppertone gel went-on nicely, and didn't leave my skin greasy, nor did it get very oily throughout the day.

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Oi. All these pills are really wreaking havoc on my stomach. Not fun. I really like the Coppertone Gel; it dries quickly, and isn't greasy at all. I still have a lot of inflamed, red, lesions with hard, white heads, plus plenty of red and purple spots, but I seem to have less 'new' spots, and my overall skin-tone is less red. Now, if only my stomach would settle.

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My derm called today and said that I could put the Erythromycin on hold, which I decided to do. My stomach was feeling better today, but I feel more comfortable with just the Diane 35. We'll see how it goes, anyways.

I've switched entirely to the Neutrogena face wash now; no more Spectrojel. I think it's helping cut down on the oil. Skin is similar to yesterday.

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Added the PanOxyl 2.5 Aquagel after my 'dinner' cleanse; applied it to lesions only. I will now do this every other day for about a week, and see how my skin reacts to it.

My skin is definitely less oily. I still have many inflamed lesions, many filled with lots of lovely puss, but they are starting to dry out and I am being very gentle with them when cleansing. I don't think many new comedones are forming, but it's still a little hard to tell. Definitely a small improvement over last week.

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