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How "BAD" does my acne need to be for me to go on

I mean, I have some big cysts and pimples, do you think the derm would let me go on accutane if I asked him?

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It depends on the doctor. I had moderate acne (no cysts at the time) when my doc decided to put me on accutane. If you have light acne I highly doubt you would get a prescription.

Also if you've tried many many treatments without any success (aka you have persistent acne) then it is more likely that your doctor will prescribe it for you.

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i think if you search for it you can find accutane overseas and get it without a prescription.

Dont be stupid and do this, in fact it was a very stupid suggestion.

Accutane is a serious drug and should be taken under a doctors supervision. He will prescribe the correct dosage for u and monitor ure blood levels.

If u say 2 ure derm how much acne has been affecting your life and you want something strong like accutane as you havent had much success with anything else the chances are he will put you on it. Also say you know of the side effects and have researched it quite a lot and are sure you can handle them....................this is what i did and my derm prescribed it to me.

-Take it easy

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